Katherian is a rough and tumble city with very strict laws. The laws may be strict, but are subject to sudden change, hardly followed and yet executed with a kind of twisted pleasure by the Katherian guards. It is said that Milara has controlled this city for many years, and that its economic and political interests are his own. Supplies come to him through this port and his spies and troops depart from here. Therefore, all activity in this port is carefully monitored and recorded. A pervasive sense of paranoia grips the whole city, and travelers in particular as they are bombarded with askew glances and eyes peering through half-opened shutters.

In the past, the Rohden Alliance was trying to defeat the city but it seems that Milara is always one step ahead of them. This conflict dates back to the Cataclysm. Before Layonara was torn asunder in the great energies of the Cataclysm, Corsain and Alindor were pressed together in one huge central landmass. As they were cleaved apart, so were the people who lived in considerable turmoil on those lands. For many years two great families had battled for dominance on Calara, what people in retrospect call the unified territories. When they split, however, the two families were not split evenly. Many of the Rohden family was left on Alindor. But since they were cleaved in two by the Cataclysm and the ocean span too great to call for aid, the Rohden family was hunted down and quickly eradicated from Alindor. On Corsain, however, they established their dominance and came to rule the island. They still remember their kinsmen and have always had a mind to recapture Katherian and avenge their family's misfortune. With Milara taking control of much of Alindor, and Katherian as his primary port, this desire has intensified considerably.

Northeastern tip of the continent of Alindor.

Population: 13,500

GP Limit: 21,450 gp

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Government: Monarchy

Heavily fortified city with a reinforced masonry wall surrounding it.

Temple: Xeen