Hiso: Notable People

Derek Briggin

Derek, the local sitchu, is a respected man with a background in military training from Mistone. It is said he hailed from the town of Haven and fought tirelessly against the gnoll invasion of the mines there until his retirement only a few years ago. He was immediately welcomed and admired in the village where he planned to retire because people noticed he regarded honor and loyalty above all else. He was given a fairly high and respectable position in the village within a few months, attending the meetings with the sitchu of the time and offering counsel to many.

A few years later, when the sitchu retired, Derek was requested to take his place'a staggering honor for one still considered somewhat of an outsider. He worked diligently and wisely until the war with the Telish Throne broke out. When reports of the skirmishes and battles fought with Telish began reaching him, he condemned the war as a farce and mockery, though never suggesting (even growing angry at the mention) that perhaps Bilkan should surrender. He has since made several unscheduled visits to the kagi; word has it that his favor in the political circles of the castle has diminished for reasons unknown.