Grimal: Warfare

Grimals are expert hunters; they enjoy the thrill of the hunt and often consider it a ritual of some kind. As such, all their offensive techniques are based around hunting methodologies.

Using whatever shadow or concealment they can find, they attempt to only strike once. They observe their prey to determine their weakness, even if this takes long periods of time. Once they commit themselves to a hunt, they possess a patience that can hardly be matched by any other race. However, if the initial strike is not successful or if they get caught by surprise, their offensive turns much to a defensive attack. They then use their strong legs to move around and tire their opponents, eventually striking quickly then recede to do so again. They wear down their prey, relying on their quick feet and endurance and try to outlast any who dare oppose them.

Grimals dislike relying on others to defend themselves; as such, they will train their bodies and become familiar with their limits. They often test themselves in ways that seem suicidal to non-grimals; however, all grimals wish to know is when their limits are reached and they can no longer keep up.

Because they use their quick feet and dexterous bodies to avoid blows that come their way, the true bane of a grimal is another hunter like them. To everything else, their blurring speed is an impediment that is hard to overcome. When a grimal becomes an enemy, many groan at having to catch the uncatchable.