Grimal: Racial Deformation

Telling the age of a grimal is difficult; their faces do not seem to change when they age. The only sign of aging is the sporadic gray hairs that grow on their manes and even this is rare amongst them. Grimals can go their entire life with perfect colorful fur.

The only way to roughly determine the age of grimals is by looking at their tail. As every decade passes, a small off-color ring forms on their tail. These rings are often accentuated by placing bands of leather or metal where one grows. These rings and bands are proudly displayed. When grimals grow their 9th or 10th ring, they make preparations for their passing to the afterlife and normally isolate themselves from the greater world.

Grimals reproduce anytime after they reach adulthood and do not care about the age of their partner. Their relationships vary tremendously, and while some may simply reproduce for the future of their race and protect their lands, others do it out of love.

Grimals are active creatures; always on the move and rarely seen without wagging their tails or in keen observance of their environment. Even when asleep, their ears twitch at all the night sounds and their tail will sporadically flap from one place to another. This constant activity leads them to a nomadic type of existence. They rarely settle in one land but have territories they roam across instead. They move across these territories as the seasons pass, making their home wherever they rest.

Their personality is primal, which makes them very distrusting of others. They mostly rely on themselves and care little for what others may need. This selfish personality makes them outsiders to many communities; however, this is something grimals do not mind at all. The personality trait makes them rather private. They appreciate personal space; therefore, they are often uncomfortable in crowded places, striving to avoid cities and large settlements.