Grimal: Composition

Grimals have inherited the magnificent agility of their feline ancestors. Their quick and flexible limbs are unique to the race, and they have complete control over their bodies. In addition to such tremendous flexibility, Grimals are blessed with a quickness of feet and are able to move at blinding speeds; so that at times when they move, it seems they blur with their environment. Much of this happens instinctually.

Due to constantly using their physical traits to the fullest, their bodies are hardier than those of other races. They are able to keep a steady fast pace for long periods of times or embark on long hunts for prey.

Grimals, however, still have a primal nature. While this is very good in the wilderness and when surviving is one's main concern, it is not a good thing in more civilized places.

They are very brash in their manners and always confront problems with a somewhat limited and selfish point of view. Because they do not socialize much, they have little compassion for others; their sensitivity skills are, for the most part, non-existent.

Grimals have a tendency to rely on instinct more than logic. While this may work in the wilderness rather well, they have problems coming to terms with the more scholarly pursuits of life. Spellweaving is a particularly complicated subject for them, which they fear instead of embrace.

Finally, their lean and fast bodies, while resistant to long periods of strain, are rather frail. They do not have a lot of body fat, so a few well-placed blows can take down a grimal who is caught unaware.