Grimal: Common Attire

Grimal: Common Attire

Grimal attire is somewhat of a contradiction. It is their belief that they are already garbed in the only clothes they will ever need'their furs. To wear leathers would be an affront to their own nature, because it is choosing another creature's skin above their own.

However, they understand many other races are not accustomed to such level of exposure; thus, those that actually live amongst these races cover themselves with clothes made of simple natural fibers such as cottons and silks.

These simple garments fit perfectly and do not impede their movements. They have little sense of flair though, which often means the color of their clothing clashes with their fur. This frequently makes them secretly ridiculed for their lack of taste by others.

It is extremely rare for grimals to wear metal; they would only do so when the need is dire. If they wear metal, is is never made by them but always purchased from other races.