Gnome: Warfare

Gnome: Warfare

Gnomes are generally a peaceful race. Because they are busy creating their inventions, they have little time for conflict; thus, they are normally caught unaware when war strikes their lands. However, when a gnome decides to join the ranks of the military, they plan for efficiency and expediency.

As such, most of their offensive tactics involve complex strategies to disable their opponents (and their resources) with quick and efficient methods'before the battle has truly begun. This sort of technique makes gnomes a rather feared opponent, since it is widely known that when an enterprising gnome sets his sight on a particular task, they stop at nothing to see it fulfilled, which normally leaves the opposition crippled for many years.

Gnomes ultimately rely on magic and what they've constructed for defensive mechanisms and avoid physical confrontation at all costs. When an opponent has reached you to confront you face to face, you've already lost the fight.

They make smart alliances with nearby inhabitants and plan their defense by establishing trade pacts. This way, whenever they are faced with war, they rely on those who have stronger means to defend them ' with a little gnomish help of course.