Gnome: Training and Upbringing

During their first years of life, gnomes are brought up by their immediate family. Normally, it falls to the non-busy parent to raise the kids, whether it is the male or female, it truly doesn't matter. The one not currently involved in some large project gladly takes the responsibility to support the other. If both will be involved in something for a few years, they make sure they plan their marital life around it.

Throughout their youth, until their 60th year, gnomes wander their mountain settlements enjoying a carefree life. They spend much time playing tricks on their peers. Young gnomes learn how to enjoy good pranks and strive to make clever comebacks; their minds are trained for quick thinking and adaptability.

From an early age, gnomes learn how to appreciate invention and crafting, and that love sticks with them throughout their whole life. When they reach their 60th anniversary, gnomes are admitted into their many schools, starting with general subjects, they slowly specialize as time passes by. Every gnome goes through extensive training in most of the crafts they practice. The teachers keep an active listing on who performs well in certain fields. When time for graduation comes, about 30 years later, these lists are distributed to all the major guild-houses, crafting institutions, or invention halls. Gnomish skill is coveted around the world and many would go through great lengths to hire an energetic recent graduate.