Gnome: Relations, Environment, Society, Religion

Gnomes are very friendly to other races. They hold no prejudices against others, but they will not compromise their advancement and constant evolution because others want to restrict or temper it. They relate mostly with dwarves, exchanging materials for inventions; many times forging strong alliances that last for a long time. With all other races they get along just fine, so long as they have an open mind toward them.

Gnomes commonly live on the surface of rocky mountains. Here they build complex cities that look cluttered and complicated but actually have a certain harmony that follows rules of design established by their people.

Because their inventions will last longer in environments that are friendly to them, they prefer milder weather. They also prefer to be close to dwarven holds and resources. This makes gnome cities to be very coveted locations in times of wars.

Gnomish society is actually quite structured. They have divided the many fields of study that interest them. Each is organized by the levels of knowledge and the work done in their respective fields.

A gnomish clan is divided by these disciplines and each high-ranking individual for each school represents their respective group in a larger council. They always strive to have odd-numbers in their decision making committees to avoid locked votes. The advantage of such a structure is that they can then sooner return to work and avoid paperwork. It is best to deal with the hard things when they pop up so that they are moved out of the way as soon as possible.

Gnomes, of course, follow Goran, the god of invention. He is the patron deity of the race, and there are many shrines and elaborate constructions dedicated to him. Gnomes believe that worship of Goran is best given by creating things; thus, their worship time is reserved to their workshops and laboratories.