Gnome: Mannerisms

Jovial in nature, gnomes normally waggle their bodies from side to side. With arms propped on their belly or resting on their waist, all gnomes are entertaining to watch. Constantly tapping their chins (the males also smoothening their mustaches), this pose is indicative of a thousand ideas crossing their mind. If these ideas are feasible or simply entertaining, is something else entirely.

Smug grins accompany their relatively slower pace. Not a race to constantly try and play catch-up with others; instead, they appreciate the intricacies of contemplative analysis. A gnome gets to a place when they need to, and to them it is always at the right time.

When engaged in combat, gnomes consider every possibility before committing. Thus, their countenance is calm and defensive; yet, the glint of trickery doesn't escape their expressions, because it is only a matter of time until they figure out the most exploitable weakness of their enemies and use it in the most comical way against them.