Gnome: Diplomacy

Gnomes establish many smart alliances. They send their scholars around the world. Many kingdoms and cities avoid conflict with this small race due to the benefits they receive from having such skillful minds working for them. This, of course, is part of the insightful plan all gnomes have to work in peace.

Their staunchest allies are the dwarves. Many long-term trade agreements are in place, and their cultures have mixed in several aspects.

Gnomes do their best to remain neutral toward those who have no need for gnomish intellect or simply have no desire for technology, such as elves and grimals. They often leave them in whatever isolation they may desire and rarely contact these races.

Gnomes do not like active confrontation; yet, they are not a people to bow down in submission to anyone either. Whenever a feeling of uneasiness is established with a race or city, they analyze the problems that caused it and attempt to come up with diplomatic solutions. If all else fails though, and combat is imminent, they are not beyond asking for help from their allies. However, this is extremely rare. For the most part, gnomes lead very peaceful lives.