Gnome: Composition

Keen on observance, gnomes have a tendency to approach everything from a logical point of view. They break things up into their base components and rearrange or tweak them in no time into more efficient ones. This makes gnomes sharper and more astute than other races.

This logical approach is accompanied by immense creativity. Gnomes are able to find solutions to old problems in unique ways that leave many with a questioning look, and yet an even more astounded expression when their solutions actually work.

They're stubborn to a fault, almost like a dwarf, so it is rare to hear that a gnome has given up on a particular idea. Unlike dwarves though, gnomes have an open-minded approach and look at problems from multiple angles. This approach gives them a stronger resolution than other races.

As they live mostly sedentary lives, gnomes tend to be not as muscular as others. Their shorter legs make their pace slower than that of other taller races, a pace that quickens when they're excited by a possible new discovery.