Gnome: Common Attire

Gnome: Common Attire

Gnomes wear very practical clothing. They pick garments that do not impede movement and are airy in design. Since most live in the mountains, the fabrics are thick, but they try to make them as light weight as possible.

When working on a specific project, a gnome can be seen in his or her labor apron almost all day long, only taking the apron off whenever it seems to be a logical place to stop work. This means that it sometimes seems as if gnomes wear the same outfit for months on end.

Gnomes pull no punches with festive or noble-like celebrations. They garb themselves in rather elaborate clothes with many gems and flashy colors. Much of their earnings are spent on obtaining the most precious and beautiful baubles to add to their garments.

As they're not a race of physical prowess, gnomes wear light leathers for combat, if they wear any armor at all since they're uncomfortable in anything but their regular clothing. Most of the time, they rely on their contraptions or their magic to defend themselves. This does not mean that the few metallic armors that they design are of lesser quality, on the contrary, when a gnome puts his mind to something, it ends up being far more than what anyone would expect, both in beauty and practicality.