Fort of Kings: Government and Politics

Before the conquest of Alindor in 1160 and the take over of the cityby Milara, King's Land was the ningdom's capital and the primary residence of the ning. The actual running of the city was done by royally appointed representative in a council. Representatives of all the major interests were included. The balance of power was always a dynamic flow between merchant, fishing and military factions. The residential sections of the city also had a voice on the council and prior to the fall of Erilyn the city was, by standards of the time a beautiful, organized and clean urban environment. It was one of the first on the continent to construct an extensive sewer system to alleviate the stench of garbage in its streets.

With the conquest by Milara, the city changed quite dramatically over time. Milara held sway with various pirate and villainous organizations that struggled for control of the city. Even to the small navy of the dark elf wizard, the port was a strategic one. The city guard was officially disbanded with the Knights in 1168. Some families stayed on and formed a private militia to maintain some semblance of order in the northeast residential quarter known as Keel and Port's Mile. The Keel and Port's militia also attended to the traditional duties of guarding the palace gates. For reasons unknown, Milara did not seem to interfere too much with them as long as they did not interfere with his representative. In the Milara years the streets were a constant brawl and drunken display. Any walking the street did so with a knife drawn and a close attendance on his purse.