A fertile bowl of interval land lies in the middle of the kingdom and is the center of most of the agricultural activity of Alindor. The runoff from the smaller rivers and streams of the Taur'en and Crest Hills collect into the larger Erilyn River from which the kingdom gets its name.

Dominating the north-central section of the Kingdom are the vast forests of the Wolfswood. The terrain of the forest varies from small hardwood groves to dense sections of ancient trees. Much of the area is known only to the elves that remained in the forest following the human elven wars of 300 P.C., and the hardy Wolfswood Rangers that protect the groves and creatures that call the forest home.

The vast majority of Erilyn is comprised of valley lands from its position between the two mountain ranges of the continent. There is rumored to be the remnants of an ancient mountain range hidden in the Wolfswood forest, mostly as caves and crags of granite.

As well, the Easternmost boundary of the kingdom is located within the foothills of the Mountains of Madness. Mineral and gemstone deposits have been discovered sporadically within the kingdom's history and it was a treaty with the dwarven clans of the Taur'en hills in 645 P.C. that annexed a portion of the Barony of Riglon to said clans as part of the settlement of the Crowsfeather dispute. In exchange, Riglon expanded a section of its coastline.

The Northern coastline is a small stretch of land that opens onto the Sea of Scales. The shallow coastal shelf that dominates the off shore of this area is rich in both shellfish and several types of sea plants. The sea plants are widely cultivated and exported for both alchemical substances and as food.

The Southern coastline borders on the Straits of Kratkin. A small ocean thermal moderates the climate of the area and despite the proximity of the strait to the Southern Ice Deserts; the Straits are open year round. There are a plethora of small rocky islands off the coastline that served as nesting sites for the Kratkin. This comical flightless sea bird that gives the Straits their name was unfortunately hunted to near extinction at one time in the Island's history.