Elf: Warfare

Elves do not take offensive stances. When someone tries to invade their homes, they defend and lash out against the perpetrators. Yet, to seek out an enemy outside their homes and declare open conflict is something that is not in their nature.

The few elven communities that have been forced to open war prepare by using what they call Alansiathan Strikes. The word translates to both quick and powerful at the same time, these strikes are all encompassing massive movements that eliminate threats in the least amount of time possible.

Feared by many of lesser repute, elves are kept out of conflicts whenever possible. For in their patience and observance, there is also devastating knowledge.

Defending their lands is where elves excel the most. Very few creatures manage to penetrate their forests. Those dwelling within are kept in constant check, allowing for freedom in their territories but never letting expansion overtake their homes.

Elves are expert archers, which is best done from a distance. As such, main elven defense lines are in places that they can use their bows most effectively ' up in the trees or from other high places. Using the forest canopy for cover and distance, they establish long networks of archers that eliminate anyone that tries to penetrate their lands with efficiency. Their defenses are layered as well, like rings around their cities. Very few ever manage to get to their central cities without their permission.