Elf: Training and Upbringing

Elven tradition on upbringing is very strict. Most families, regardless of origin, follow the same rituals. For the first few decades, young elves are free and experience childhood as much as they can within the protective barriers or their homes.

As they reach their fifth decade, the community takes on a more involved role. Children are sent away to village elders, and they spend the rest of their childhood under their care and tutelage. Much like a boarding school, the elves stay within the care of their tutors and return home only for vacations. During these periods, they are taught the traditions of their families; whether of noble tendencies, more naturalistic, or simply of unique crafts, the mother and father take it upon themselves to show their children how to function in their society. Eventually, they continue to more academic or specialized training, normally becoming apprentices to individual experts in the areas they are interested in.

The more militant aspect of their culture ensures that every single elf undergoes significant training in the art of archery. City captains hold weekly practice sessions where all social classes mix, and every child is shown their way around a bow and an arrow. This practice borders on the sacred, and all elves do so without question to ritual and tradition.