Elf: Relations, Environment, Society, Religion

Elves relate very little to outsiders. They watch and observe from neutral standpoints. As long as their homes aren't threatened, they remain isolated from most of the world. If ever their environment is threatened, they will analyze and deliberate until the last possible moment to determine what the most efficient way to deal with a problem is. They then implement the solution as quickly as possible. Elven politics have somewhat of a wave effect'hitting the shores of a beach, slow in the building, but powerful when it lands.

Elves mostly relate to surface races that they can keep constant watch on. Halflings and humans are normally the most common link to an elven society. They gladly trade non-magical goods and exchange rarities that are unavailable to both races; however, trading with elves tends to get expensive very quick.

When magic is involved, elves become far more reserved, always wanting to keep the powerful knowledge in the only hands they deem worthy of it, their own.

Most elves live in the forest or close to one. They make their lives out of whatever the forest can provide. However, the way they adapt their homes to the forest depends on their traditions. The most known elven homes are built on the treetops, but some elves build in forest caves or on the ground within woodland groves.

Elves organize their cities by family status. The older the family, the more sophisticated and regal their homes are. Furthermore, age defines influence as well. Older families rule over wider ranges of territories and elder members have the final word on important decisions. Their outlook in life, whether wild or reserved, has no relevance on their control, an elder is an elder.

Elves worship all aspects of the elven deities. They are particularly devoted to Aeridin, embracing his gifts of life. They appreciate art and beauty, and their romantic relationships are known to have foundations worthy of Ilsare's grace. Many elven forest tenders respect Folian Spae's harmony with the forest, and he is their main protector when boundaries are breached and conflict ensues. The wilder elves worship Kithairien's ideas for the hunt and freedom. Finally, while not being an elven deity, they pay homage to Katia nonetheless, as Mother Nature of all their forests.