Elf: Common Attire

Elf: Common Attire

Elves take care to have the most magnificent attire. Having access to various forest silks, they are known to create such exquisite clothing that many collectors obtain such pieces to display as art.

To elves, of course, this is nothing except the fruit of meticulous patience, taking sometimes decades to finish a particular piece of a wardrobe, while making sure the right silks are thread during the proper seasons in accordance to tradition.

In the peace of their homes, gowns and long robes are common; yet, nothing is common of their designs. Each house makes an effort to display their insignia and symbols in the clothes their members wear. Rank within a house shows as well. Younger members wear simpler designs with patterns going to the lower aspect of their bodies. The older an elf becomes, the more complex the patterns with more the focus on the torso, necks, and eventually ending in crowns and tiaras.

For combat, their armors range from elaborate padding and leathers to the firmest of metal plates. In armor, efficiency is something they highly appreciate, but they always ensure a certain standard of beauty that is always flowing and melds easily with their environments.