Elf: City and Town Structures

Elf: City and Town Structures

Elves meld their cities with the forests they live in. The complexity of such dwellings varies deeply between the traditions each family has, nevertheless, regardless of origin, all houses seem to find a perfect balance with the forests they fit into.

The most common city structure is the Treetop Village. Holding every single amenity and commodity a normal human city would have, the only difference with human villages is that they are propped upon strong trees, with slim wooden roped ladders leading to them.

Other tribes opt for different types of accommodations, smaller groves on the ground that use the forest canopy as protection or marble cities nestled upon open forest glades.

Something common between them all are the hidden outlook posts. Large vine canopies, serving as climbing posts for border scouts are used to hide and observe the movement outside their lands. A constant watch that serves not only elves, but nearby allied or friendly villages and cities, for many say that an elf sees any dark tides coming.