Dwarf: Warfare

Dwarf: Warfare

Dwarves have many laws and rules of conduct for battle, mostly brought on by their deity Vorax. Those inclined toward battle, which at times seems to be the entire race, spend countless hours in training, trying to become one with their weapon of choice. They also spend a large amount of time learning every other aspect of combat.

When staging an attack, dwarven offense takes a simple yet smart approach: cripple them by using strength, show the might of your troops until your enemy asks for mercy, and never stop, not even if death's grip is upon you.

When defending their homes, dwarves rely on the construction of their halls. Knowing full well that a wall that cannot be taken down is the best line of protection, they will often simply stand in vigil, watching their enemies fruitlessly try to breach their domains.

However, when challenged to direct confrontation, a dwarf brings the wall along with him or herself. Their own bodies being extremely resilient and bearing powerful shields and armors that seem to be impossible to dent, a dwarf is already protected before battle even begins.