Dwarf: Mannerisms

The normal gruff personality of dwarves is portrayed in the way they carry themselves; often, the ever-present frown carved into their faces is just the beginning of their cranky demeanors. It can easily be seen in other physical mannerisms such as their closed expressions projected clearly with crossed arms and squinted eyes.

Dwarves grunting on their paced walk through life will usually react to outsiders with a condescending outlook of their way of doing things. The energetic halfling isn't smacked out of spite, nor is the too-dainty elf grumbled at out of sheer desire to create conflict. Rather, they are just living too distantly from the proper way of living, the only way of living, the dwarven way.

The stubbornness and endurance of the race is never so obvious as it is in combat. Acting as slow-moving walls that move inexorably forward to mow down whatever stands in their way, dwarves can seem as solid as rock and as hard to remove during battle. As a whole, they adhere to strict codes of conduct to keep the honor in warfare, and they will very rarely choose the way of deceit and subterfuge'even in the face of defeat.