Dwarf: Diplomacy

Dwarves ally themselves only with nearby gnome clans. They keep to themselves and have little to do with anyone beyond their mountains; they only offer their protection to who they consider to be cousins of steel.

They remain gruffy neutral to the rest of the world and establish very few trade routes, which mostly concern food that is unavailable in the mountains.

Whenever they are approached by humans or other wandering races, dwarves go through tremendous lengths to preserve their uniqueness and rarely exchange crafting techniques unless a long-standing, firm relationship develops.

Dwarves become enemies with anyone that threatens their way of life. Whenever a settlement of humans begin mining in their homes without permission (which is rarely granted in any case), dwarves gather quickly to arms and stave off any invasion with a strong hand.

They have little love for monstrous races. Seldom do they seek them out, unless they invade their territories.