Dwarf: Composition

The main feature of any dwarf is the heavy, muscular frame of his body. There is no denying that the very form of these creatures is made to both deliver and withstand sheer, brutal force. With their firm legs and bulging arms, they can carry objects twice their own body mass without breaking a sweat.

Because of their ability to shrug off blows that would stagger the more delicate sorts, dwarven skin is often thought to be made out of an entirely different element than that of other races. One explanation is that it is because of their constant drive to become the tools used to mold steel and earth, which has made them so resistant to strikes that would bruise or pierce any other. With proper training, attacks that would crush the body of a human or elf can be taken in stride by a single, stalwart dwarf.

In addition to, or perhaps because of, traits like these, dwarves can be incredibly patient when one means it as a compliment or stubborn when it is not. An activity considered worthwhile can be performed for very long periods of time without boredom or distraction. Dwarves are not without their shortcomings; though, they would refute such a fact. With dwarven bodies being so burly and restrictive, they can't move as fast as other races can; a dwarf would simply say that it is a lack of need to hurry, of course.

Dwarven bodies are not made for the nimbler acts in life'driven by momentum as they are. They lack any sort of natural grace. If an act involves quick thinking, their rather klutzy bodies will react as slow as they move.

Dwarves have a natural distrust for things they cannot explain. They also frequently lack adaptability when faced with change or new things in general. It's here that the patience of stone can seem more like a bull-headed refusal to move, because they will often stubbornly avoid the use of logic when confronting something outside of their frame of reference.