Dwarf: Common Attire

Dwarf: Common Attire

Dwarven clothing is just as steeled as their spirits. Almost every piece of attire in which they garb themselves has some sort metallic aspect to it. Even the flowing robes they sometimes wear in their clan homes have metallic bands holding the clothes to their bodies.

Most dwarves opt for comfort before fashion with natural designs that mold easily to their bodies. According to some, their arms are often left free of clothing, a matter of pride to show their strength; while others affirm it is their natural dislike of dishonesty, because with bare hands and bare arms, there is nothing hidden.

Almost every dwarf possesses a crafting apron. These garbs are a mix of leather and heat resistant metals and are comfortable enough to use around a forge or a crafting bench. They are very practical and simple in design.

A dwarf's pride is his armor. Carefully crafted over the years or sometimes inherited from generations before, dwarven armor is a sight to behold. Dedication in crafting shows in every layer of metal, in every binding and lock, and in every pattern etched. A fully armored dwarf leaves many stunned at their perfection. Extreme care is given to every piece of armor, and a dwarf even has a particular time of the day where, much like prayer, they exclusively dedicate time to the upkeep and maintenance of their weapons and arms.

Their designs are broad and custom made, and no armor is the same as another.