Dregar Naval Scout Ship

These common crafts, known as Coastal Cutters, were originally designed and built for the Dregar Navy at the behest of King Karem Waylend. The need for a small vessel that was fast and agile was dire at the time, as Blood's navy had advanced across the oceans and was taking control of the seas. These small vessels were highly effective as scouts and as dispatch boats, as they could rely on their speed to get themselves out of trouble.

Each of these ships generally carry a small crew, but some were outfitted with up to fourteen light ballistae, though the weaponry was intended more to show defiance than to provide any serious resistance to pirates who threatened them. The large sails on the ships are a key feature, and imperative for driving the ships speedily across the sea.

Since the death of King Waylend, many of these light vessels have been confiscated by the various nations of Dregar that have assumed or reasserted control of their domains in the absence of a central rule. For the most part, these nations use the ships to spy on each other or while seeking out pirate enclaves or smuggling operations.

The design and use of this class of ship is not restricted to Dregar. In fact, with its simple construction methods and utility, many nations around the world have copied this form of ship; it can be seen across the world, with minor alterations to its design.