Dragonsong Dominion

  • Location: The isle of Corsain lies northeast of Alindor, south of the Sea of Mists and Dregar, northwest of Alibor, and southwest of Tilmar. The Dominion's only land frontier is the Kingdom of Driran that lies to the northeast.
  • Size: 95,000 square statute miles
  • Capital City: Fort Dragonsong
  • Population: 95,000: 80% human, 15% elf, 2% halfling, 2% dwarf, 1% gnome
  • Founder: Christopher Brant
  • Current Ruler: Dominus Alexander Court, Paragon of the Code
  • Date of founding: 1338
  • Notable towns and cities: Eastspirit Fort, Natalu, Southern Gate, Tyr-Song, Western Gate, Yalian
  • Other notable locations: Lake Dragonsong, Phoniex Tower, Ruins of the Broken

The kingdom has mostly level terrain with sparse forests due to extensive deforestation in the past. The southern coastline is gentle, despite its irregularity, and close to the fertile Harj's Breath, which sustains the powerful fishing industries that has kept the entire island, especially Southern Gate, in the spotlight of the saltwater fish market.

The western and northern coasts may not provide the same abundance as the southern coast, but the northern coast is home to the pride of the nation'the training grounds of the Dragonsong Army, home to the best swordsmen of the modern world. It is said that the first katanas were forged here thousands of years ago; the finest curved blades still come from the master smiths of Tyr-Song.