What is mine is mine. What is yours is mine if you can't defend it. And just to be sure, I'd better try and take that too.
-Unofficial motto of Co'rys


The terrain of Co'rys is well-explained by just listening to the nicknames northerners have for it: the Swamp Kingdom, the Realm of Muck, Vehlor's Slog. And it certainly earns these less than flattering titles; the eastern and western third are swampland, the central portion damp forest, and the rest wet flatlands.

Co'rys has been swampy for as long as anyone can remember. The land ripples in rolling dips and berms, with the overall elevation only slightly higher than sea level around the wooded central portion and descending to the east and west until the ocean. Runoff from the Brechs keeps the ground soaked and forms the deep, cold Lake Troust.

Two rivers run out of the Brechs' stony feet; from Lake Troust the Morning Creek feeds into the Gloom Woods, and the brackish Taro River runs north from near Fort Vehl, picking up freshwater runoff along its way. The long, shallow Gulf of Co'rys stretches in from the eastern coast all the way to the woods, skimming by and helping to fill the Sooth Moors.

Few parts of the kingdom are suitable for deforestation and farming beyond Dapplegreen and the elves there are most assuredly not going to let that happen for as long as even one of them stands. Therefore aside from home gardens there are no major farms in the kingdom. Sustenance is obtained by begging, barter, trade, hunting, and violence.