Corath: Avatars

From an untitled Corathite text, found in a noble's library in the Boyer Kingdom on Dregar:

There are three avatars of Mortis Mentis. Know them and fear them, but also learn from them that you do not make the same mistakes should you be the next.

First, there was Nalah'ir. Corath was young then and not fully aware of his true capabilities. Nalah'ir was from the Pits, a fiend of such depravity that he presented a challenge and stared with greedy eyes at the place in the heavens Corath sat. So Corath promoted him, the better to control the upstart. So powerful was Nalah'ir, so perfect of form, that Corath would take the flesh of the avatar to enjoy its might. This was Nalah'irs undoing when he tried to steal the power of the Bone Lord and underestimated the intelligence of Mortis Mentis.

The second avatar of Corath was Arkanor Lightbane, the False One. The gift was to be bestowed upon another when Arkanor took it. The indignus was erased from history'he being unworthy for allowing the theft to take place. Arkanor was struck down by a wormskin dwarf called Kothac Lightbringer. But this was a ruse worthy of Corath'for Arkanor had sent the soul of the man who was to be the avatar into a box later known as Arkanor's Gift. It was found and destroyed by a priest and druid of the indignus goddess of nature and so ended Arkanor.

The first avatar by necessity and the second by trickery, Corath was not to be forced again. He chose his third. Preto Sangue was the name given this creature who was the right hand of Corath. We all know of his deeds and nothing more need be said. And even he met an end.

He took an aspect of the invisus (hated) Aeridin, called The Channeler, with him and stole from the invisus the powers of the elements.

It is the closest we have come to flinging the Astral Locks to the winds and taking the power to shape the world in all ways.