Congregation of the Principium

In the time of Emperor Raklin Diamoniar, there was called together perhaps the greatest and most defining representation of leaders and faiths that the world has even seen. The Congregation of Principium was held in Prantz and 3 months later a Charter of Laws had been literally hammered out by all the faiths and all the leaders present. These laws represented the common man, that which a person in their lifetime could reasonable ascribe to follow and that would also stand them in good steed amongst their fellow man. Plus, give them peace of mind in knowing that should someone commit a crime against them that they would be protected under the law.

That Charter would also serve to create a new court - the Divine Court. This court would be overseen by the Rofireinites and the Toranites and would be responsible for the maintenance and the refinement and carrying out of the laws and punishments across the empire (and effectively the world) for the next thousand years. When finally done, the Charter was presented to the gathered people from across many lands and there was great rejoicing and jubilation. The celebrations in the city and indeed across the world continued for several months while scribes made copies of the laws and then sent them to every corner of the empire, to every good aligned faith who had participated, and to every leader whose names appeared on the original document.

Ever since the Congregation of the Principium, the Law on Layonara was governed by the churches of Toran and Rofirein. However, when the Toranites withdrew in 1406, only the Rofireinites were left.