Castle Driran: Government and Politics

The general well-being of the population is paramount to the well-being of the capital. Refugees from the border and those in need of help, flock to Castle Driran. They are led by the promise of help given by the Regina herself. Few, if any, are ever turned away.

As per the old Dragonsong way, an elected council chooses the mayor that runs the town. The town goals are to allow access to all those that need it, to lodge those that do not have the means to lodge themselves, and to try and maintain a certain level of order.

Disputes are still resolved through the standard practice of the Dragonsong Dominion. A judge hears both sides, consults with peers, and declares who is right. If the parties wish to appeal the decision, they must present facts that might sway the judge; in which case, he will refer the parties to a higher official if he believes he is not able to reach an impartial decision.