Brokanian: Training and Upbringing

Brokanian upbringing is merciless; from conception, the mother and father are already planning the life or lives of their young. Young brokanians are treated with little respect. Discipline is enforced at a very early age. There is little love involved in brokanian parenting. The young are taught in harsh ways all the manners, customs, and lessons of their people, particularly those of survival through cunning use of tongue and mind. The youth of a brokanian is one without joy and play.

Once brokanians reach an acceptable age, they are given freedom to do whatever they wish to do with their lives. They are often supported by their parents, though not for a warm desire to give something that they rightfully deserve. Support is given out of a need to have an image before society and make sure that everyone knows they are well off. Thus, many brokanian young adults attend the most prestigious schools in the world or are given to powerful wizards as apprentices.

Eventually, when they reach their third decade, they start to focus on one particular practice in which to perfect their ways, this is used as a method to accomplish all that they desire. A spellweaving brokanian will surely advance in skill of magic, but this is only done to obtain more prestige and riches, not for the sake of discovery in the magic.