Brokanian: Relations, Environment, Society, Religion

Brokanians are excellent diplomats, regardless of one's lack of trust in brokanians; most know when properly rewarded, brokanians can come up with the best solution for any sort of trade or political problem they are asked to solve. As such, they are found in many courts as powerful advisors or spell casters of renown. They establish firm bonds with humans; yet, those bonds can fall apart in a matter of seconds as events unfold. They remain respectfully apart from other races unless it is to their advantage, but they simply loathe dealing with dwarves and their crude ways.

Their origins are from swamps and bog-type regions; however, anyone attempting to remind a brokanian of such a thing will quickly gain the brokanian's ire. Instead, they have adapted to the ways of the city and the more sophisticated cultures, and they have managed to fit quite nicely. Even in their denial however, they prefer settlements that are along warmer regions.

Their social structure is somewhat disconnected. Each brokanian is normally left to deal with his or her own life; rarely is there any sort of community that he or she can rely on for common bonds of race. Even the very few brokanian-controlled cities simply implement the standard governments of nearby human examples. Most of their social structure is copied from others, and any semblance of uniqueness that they once possessed in their marshlands was lost in their adaptation.

Brokanians are never heard to utter any prayer, nor are they ever seen in acts of worship. This has led to the common assumption that they have no religion at all. Some theologists speculate that the constellation of the Viper that appeared in the night sky at the end of the fourteenth century was the attempted ascension of a brokanian deity.