Brokanian: Composition

Brokanians excel at the use of their minds. Despite their serpentine origins, they are slender and attractive creatures, making them very hard to ignore. Their senses are very advanced. Brokanians detect all the subtle changes that other races experience when they are excited, sad, or even fearful, and they exploit this ability without guilt. Brokanians, therefore, are creatures of great influence and can be very encouraging or downright terrifying; usually the latter.

Brokanians understand that their best skills are not those of brawn and might, and explore their own limitations first, before they exploit those of others. Once they do, their cunning and understanding becomes deadly in any enterprise they undertake; they become the most profitable merchants, influential nobles, powerful mages, or simply the best survivors. Brokanians have plans within plans and anyone that gains one as an enemy should expect an enemy that will cripple them at the worse moment possible.

What truly makes brokanians a race to respect and fear is that they are able to utilize their sharp minds in conjunction with their instincts. This tremendous combination grants them great insights. For example, identifying behavioral patterns allows them to predict outcomes for situations, months in advance.

Their supple figures are not made for physical work and it clearly shows. The few brokanians that pursue martial arts do so in a refined way, instead of a way of pure strength. Not to mention that they dislike the idea of reducing themselves to brute force of any kind; they prefer the more gentle or indirect approach, which does not make them less deadly.

Their bodies are delicate and often very frail. Their bones are very thin; it only takes a few well-placed hits to knock a brokanian unconscious or break many bones. Their inner organs, however, protect them from many natural poisons, especially those of snakes.

Finally, while they are very patient in their schemes, brokanians lack the ability to endure any sort of physical activity for too long. They often choose to hire carriages or ride a horse when traveling from one place to the other or simply do so at a dignified pace. They despise having to break a sweat for something, unless it is a warm bath while they are being tended.