Brokanian: Common Attire

Brokanian: Common Attire

Just like everything else they strive for, brokanian clothing is attractive and influential. Using it as a means to enhance their presence, a noble brokanian garment normally is made of the most expensive silks and the most precious gems. That these are expensive does not matter to them. Appearance is important if one wants to be influential, and besides that, they often simply devise a cunning way to receive it for free.

Male brokanians garb themselves with elaborate leathers covered with the insignia of their people and colors that relate to their swampy origins. They then often add spikes and skulls (a common theme) providing a flavor of tyrannical imposition. The cut of the garments depends on the culture they're living in. A brokanian in an elven city will be garbed different than a brokanian in a human city. Nevertheless, they will embellish local clothing extensively.

Female brokanians take a more delicate approach. They cover only the necessary parts to retain a sense of decency and expose their lithe figures to display the innate seduction of their forms, distracting many and attracting others. In calmer environments, they wear long flowing comfortable robes in light relaxing tones that are still inviting to the eye.

In war, they wear enchanted clothing (preferably) or light leathers; yet, always placing strong magic to avoid blows or provide ease of concealment or escape. They implement many hidden compartments in their gear to hide small poisoned weapons in case of emergencies or the occasional spell component pouch.