Boyer Kingdom

  • Location: Located in the northern half of the continent Dregar, the Kingdom of Boyer spans from the Bay of Carocsa at the continent's west coast, to the Sea of Fury in the east.
  • Size: 257,300 square statute miles - Boyer spans nearly 800 statute miles from the east to the west coast and over 300 statute miles at its largest from the north coast to its southern borders.
  • Capital City: North Point with the crown in Boyer's Fort
  • Population: 210,000; 65% human, 15% elf, 10% dwarf, 3% giant, 3% halfling, 2% gnome, 2% orc
  • Founder: Vauqenth Arasstai
  • Current Ruler: Ivar Arasstai
  • Date of founding: The first mention of a Kingdom was in the year 344, though Vauqenth founded Boyer's Fort six years prior to this.
  • Notable towns and cities: Boyer's Fort, Bitterridge, Dasbar, Dalanthar, Highpass, North Point, Weston, Willow's Weep
  • Other notable locations: Darkland Mountains, Greyhawk Lake, Greyhawk Mire, River of Shards , Ruins of Madness, Singing Woods, Thunder Peaks, The Wilds, Silver Sun Grove, Xora's Tower
The lands of Boyer vary greatly. The forests of Boyer are dispersed across the continent. Boyer also contains seven different mountain ranges of varying elevations and formation. Each one is as unique as the tales that are told of them. Traversing the Kingdom of Boyer would take an adventurer through almost every variety of terrain and clime.