Beryl: Temples

All of the temples save one that are dedicated to Her Perfection are deep in the Deep Gnome cities of The Deep. They are all, without exception, carved out of rock and feature natural crystal formations and mineral deposits in the walls. Gemstone mosaics cover the floors and walls, and only a small amount of light is required to cause a wildly beautiful refraction of colored light from the many stones that decorate the chambers. From the outside, however, a wanderer would be hard pressed to see a temple entrance; there are no signs, no adornments, and at best all that can be seen is the outline of a door on a rock face. This is tradition and represents the plain stone wrapper that most spectacular gems are encased in before careful examination reveals them.


Located very near the ransacked city of Stone, the Phenocryst was destroyed during the siege and sacking of the gnome city. Since that time, little by little, the temple is rebuilding. After Diamond Darkglow was voted to head the Facets, he dedicated a large sum of labor toward setting mosaics and re-shaping the Phenocryst structure. Old tunnels and rooms were filled in and new cavern spaces added'to confuse potential enemies and to wipe away the stain of the desecrations.

The new temple goes deeper underground than the previous temple with better security measures. The central meeting hall is a cavern with square faceted edges to resemble an emerald. The location is considered lucky. The walls are full of mineral deposits and smoothed over to create a gorgeous spread of color against the gray of the stone. This is the temple that most surface dwellers come to if a large gathering is called.


This temple is spoken of, however, no creature that is not a verified worshiper of Beryl will ever find it. Miles below the surface, somewhere in the the Deep, is the heart of the Deep Mother's faith. From what is known, it was not the first temple.

Due to repeated and vigorous efforts by the dark elves, many temples before it have been founded and subsequently abandoned or destroyed. This one, however, endured for what is guessed to be over 600 years now. Like all the others, it is said to have an entrance that is almost invisible. Once inside, the incredible meeting hall called The Window dominates. The room is described as being circular with faceted walls covered in precious gems, which depicts the story of Beryl. All activity and meetings in the Window are conducted with the audience on tiered seats surrounding the center where the speakers are.

The Diamond is headquartered in this location.