Begotten Ruins

Begotten Ruins

The Begotten Ruins are in northeastern Vanavar. Made of the characteristic gray Vanavarian stone, the remnants of this former fortress's elegant spires command a wide view of both the grassy plains that surround it as well as the sea.

A pre-Cataclysmic elven fortress that watched the coast for incursions from aggressors, this stone keep now lies in ruins, deserted of living beings. Old elven tales, recently reinvigorated by Mith'oromarde, tell of great weapons and armors in its underground stores'even weapons of epic quality were rumored to have been kept there, in case of an enemy invasion. However, only the truly brave dare venture there.

Strange tales from explorers who have sought to delve into its vaults report unliving beings and a stench of rot that flows upward from scars on the earth that surround the old keep. Rumors also suggest that armies of Bloodstone used the ruins during their war on the world. There are few facts to corroborate such a notion, but large dwarven axes of good quality have been recovered from the ruins by courageous explorers.

There are no hamlets or villages within 15 statute miles of the ruins.