Aesmil Isim

East of Sadinia, a lush green hill called the Cor'Aesmil Isim rises from the forest. At its top, a circular white marble plateau surrounded by green grass can be found. This plateau is the meeting place of the Aesmil Isim, the Council of Elves.

Around half the perimeter of this plateau, thirty white marble pillars rise into the sky, each with a seat at its base that faces the center of the circle. Facing these pillars, across the circle, five additional white marble seats are placed. The thirty pillars are arranged in the shape of a crescent moon, with the opening of the moon facing due east. Because of this shape, the pillars are called Lunar Pillars. Representatives of the thirty most powerful elven houses of Voltrex occupy the seats of the Lunar Pillars. The five marble seats inside the opening of the crescent moon, completing the circle, are called the Sun Seats.
Technically, the Aesmil Isim consists of thirty members, each member occupying one of the seats at the bottom of a Lunar Pillar when the Aesmil Isim convenes. However, the Speakers of the Five Towers of Voltrex are also allowed to attend, even though they have no voting power. The Speakers occupy the Sun Seats. Meetings are chaired by the oldest sitting member, the Iselian, and he always occupies the westernmost Lunar Pillar seat, directly opposite the central Sun Seat.

The Aesmil Isim decision making process is a lengthy one. Members of the Aesmil Isim start climbing the Cor'Aesmil Isim well before dawn, as tradition demands that meetings start when dawn breaks. Meetings end as the first moon rises into the sky.

As dawn breaks, the sun will rise behind the five Sun Seats, which are occupied by the Speakers of the Five Towers, if they are attending. All present will then rise, and the Iselian will start the opening procedures by asking for a blessing on the day's proceedings by the elven gods: Aeridin, Ilsare, Folian S'pae, Kithairien and Shindaleria. The attendees will then be seated and the Iselian will proceed to read the current proposal that will be under discussion by the Aesmil Isim. The deliberations can then start, and those who wish to speak should then stand and the Iselian will determine the order in which they may then present their cases. When the first moon rises, the Iselian will close the meeting and set a date when the Aesmil Isim will reconvene and continue their discussion.

The Aesmil Isim reaches decisions after much discussion, both during and outside of a meeting; while issues are presented and discussed during meetings, many Aesmil Isim members will also meet with each other outside of the meetings in order to gather votes in favor of or against a proposal. The Aesmil Isim can reach decisions in two ways, either by a lesser or a greater consensus. Proposals are to be submitted to the Aesmil Isim for deliberation and decision making. When two-thirds of the members are in favor, Ai Eliwanilae, or small agreement is achieved and the proposal is accepted. This decision will be valid until and unless another Ai Eliwanilae is reached to revoke or alter it.

When Ai Eliwanilae is reached, the Aesmil Isim will press to achieve Isim Eliwanilae, or complete agreement, on the proposal in the interest of unity among the elves. The Aesmil Isim often goes to great lengths to reach Isim Eliwanilae and it is not uncommon for deliberations and discussions to take months or even years just to ensure Isim Eliwanilae is reached. Decisions that achieve Isim Eliwanilae can only be changed or undone by another Isim Eliwanilae consensus.

The Speakers do not vote on the proposals submitted to the Aesmil Isim, but they are allowed to speak or offer advice. As the Five Towers are key to Voltrex's defense and power, their advice is nearly always heeded.

Aesmil Isim membership is hereditary, and passes on to the eldest son or daughter when a member dies or resigns. A family's claim to a Lunar Pillar seat can only be removed by a proposal that is agreed to with Ai Eliwanilae and with the assent of the Speakers. This is the only occasion that Speakers have a direct say in a matter; even if Ai Eliwanilae is reached on the revocation of membership, the Speakers can still block the proposal.

For reasons unknown to outsiders there are no sea elves on the Aesmil Isim anymore. When asked, elven historians do not wish to discuss the matter.