NON LORED !!! Redeemer's , Steadwick's defense

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Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm
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Steadwick's defense

*The kingdom of Erathia is in danger, After the long war that ravaged the land, the kingdom seems to be losing feet, The capital is in danger, a large horde of enemies is at the door, The city of Steadwick seems to be having a hard time to stand as the defenses are comming short,  Will Erathia , land of virtue finally fall ?

You are here trapped as the siege start, whatever your reasons for being in the city, it turns out that you simply can't get out till the emergency is called off, would you help the city ? Would you work for their ultimate demise amoung their many enemies?

Deyja's Armies on the door. The stench of the decay coming .. . Will you answer the call


This is a non Lored event, please take it as an experiment , As with all non-lored events this may take away some of the lore of Layonara, and it can't be used for development or charcter growth, it has not to be on journals or any IC threads, this is for fun and fun only.

There is a caveat on the non-lored, The deity system and deity relationships will be on for this event, so please regard that during the quest.

Where : West Server (  will port )

Time:  Your time

Party :  Open

Levels :  Up to 30

Type : Non Lored