RR - The Forgotten Kingdom

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Quest Date: 
Friday, January 27, 2017 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Starting Location: 
Fort Miritrix
Level Requirement: 
Max Attendees: 

The Withered Lands. Home to many stories swallowed by the earth, walked over on the route from one place to the next! Bloodpools. Eon. The previous Bird Lord. And a forgotten kingdom beneath the surface, complete with crumbling towers and stone markers for the dead, haunted not with ghosts but demons from the Pits of Strife, then deeper still !  Or, as another might put it:

This was under Eon's badger den!
Past the, flying eyes! They come out of the night!
Flying eyes! They gave Tod such a fright! 

Eyebats! Yeah! Gross!
And there's all these gem golems and ... mechanical spiders... 
 Right! And the big bone golems!
Perhaps I will go with you next you travel.  I should like to see all that, truly.
There was one of those - yeah! The tons weighing kind!
All cobbled together from bone yards!
Like a whole crypt!
And everyone was whacking on it for absolutely ever, right? 
Right! Ages!
Feathers was being all heroic, I'm sure. And they almost had it down..
And he prayed to Katia for healing for it!

Priests do that, you know. It is what we do from time to time.
Because he thought it was undead. 
So did the Bird Lord's prayer work?
And everyone was sooo sad because it put itself back together. Ha!
That's what I mean! They're not undead!
It healed it!

Yeah! It was whole again!
Oh dear!
Worked perfectly...
We had to start all over!
Poor Bird Lord!
It was pretty funny. When we came across it reformed, later, everyone reminded him not to heal it, please.