Return to Emerald Skull

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Quest Date: 
Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Starting Location: 
Level Requirement: 
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Some brave souls have found the entrance to what appears to an ancient crypt near Stort.  Legend says that none who go in ever come out.  The crypt is rumoured to house what can only be called pure evil.  Death awaits at its doorstep for any who get close enough to sense it.  Can a group be assembled that is brave enough, strong enough, that can hold together long enough, to possibly attempt to explore this odd and macabre place?



//  Sorry guys got trapped at

//  Sorry guys got trapped at work and will not make it  . Deliver a swift death to those undead!

//Corky will be there to sing

//Corky will be there to sing songs of bravado and boldness!  We will defeat the evil within!

I'll be bringing Jo unless we

I'll be bringing Jo unless we need a priest. 

// Jo-non-bully

Yay for the gnuman-pally team!   Bring extra patience please .. heh. 

Not coming...

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings I'm not available.  Jenna wishes you all luck though :)

// I'll try to be there with

// I'll try to be there with Armand  .. To become useless again at the start of the tomb.. heh. 

*The Gnuman looks over the man speaking giving it an odd look*  Well you know how that blasted island is?  Pygmies and the blasted rain,   And  the other day i heard that there is a crazy bunch that is after an undead cove or something like that. .   yeah. . Adventurers right? 

*Before the man hd finished, the gnuman seems to be walking out towards an alley, disapearing after reciting some unintelegible words* 

Gonna be bringing Ryubi

Gonna be bringing Ryubi