Studying Krandor's Undead

Event Details
Quest Date: 
Friday, September 30, 2016 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Starting Location: 
That One Inn in Krandor
Level Requirement: 
Max Attendees: 

At Center is a request from a priestess of Lucinda (currently of Krandor) asking for a group of patient individuals to assist her in further exploring the complex beneath the town, checking each section. Additionally, as she will be devoting time to each group of remains, it is possible that others will stir around them while they wait. Assistance will be in the form of both guarding her from harm and assisting her in the moving of heavy objects.

((Low to mid levels preferred for a challenge, or perhaps just no undead turners... ;) Respawn ambushes likely, care needed! ))



Who you gonna call?

I plan to be there.  I only have characters levels 6 and 12.. think they're both 'low' considering its a 40-level range.. :)

Darn! Going outa town Fri

Darn! Going outa town Fri afternoon

I'll bring Stephen. (insert

I'll bring Stephen. (insert evil laugh)

I will very likely be there

I will very likely be there with Rebecca.