Before the Before

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Friday, July 1, 2016 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
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At the  crossroads, a time ago... Hyf, hyf, you are thinking of Dregar's great desert. It is old and deep and there are ruins to tell you of millenia past! The dunes of spirit, they are younger than a dragon and still restless, and the layer over the Beforetime is not so deep as all that. So shallow, even, that on an ordinary day a generation ago, a windstorm filed down the sandwall past the tents to lay bare the oldest canyons - from before even the before.

Tee-ta-ta, why should I tell you what lay within, if it can be shown? First to the tents - from bottom or side, skirt the true desert by way of the trade roads and do not stray too far, ha! Find yourself there when I am also, and I will see you through manifestations of the sandstorm that revealed what was hidden, hauntings of memory, and guardian spirits...

5PM PST, Krelin's Tents. I will be on an hour early at the Shack if anyone wants to caravan or doesn't know the way.  All levels welcome but caution for the, shall we say, unseasoned is very warranted. Low level melees should bring a ranged fallback and be cool with "RP helping" !